Oyeti Smart Store App: Business made easy

Based on recent estimates the retail industry growth is forecasted to double to 85 trillion when 2021 comes to a close. These trends are a direct effect of the mass migration to digital platforms of both buyers and merchants that Covid-19 triggered. The retail industry, after the pandemic setback, seems poised to stage a recovery on the back of the newly acquired and improved digital infrastructure. Although digital services are convenient and safe, they are scattered and complex. A single store owner relies on multiple Apps for different operations related to his store. A one-stop solution was missing.

Oyeti Smart Store, a software innovation from ToneTag, has been designed to help merchants and store owners streamline their business and manage operations easily through a single App. Apart from making store operations systematic, Oyeti gives the merchants a real-time status of their outgoing orders, a detailed report of store transactions, and multiple options to accept payments for their products.

The Oyeti Smart Store app not only makes business operations easy but also provides a single platform through which merchants can monitor and administer their store.

The most notable of these features are listed and discussed below:

  • Product listing: Merchants can add and remove items from their product listing with a single touch in real-time. The Merchants can alter the MRP and selling price of the items as well as the unit quantity and description of their product individually. These changes are reflected immediately to the customers
  • Catalogue management: Merchants can manage the availability and pricing of their products displayed, and run offers and discounts on their store items individually
  • Store Identity and marketing: Merchants can customize their store name, contact, and details such as operational days, store timings, delivery details such as preparation time, delivery range, etc, and store charges such as packaging charge and delivery charge. The merchant can also share his/her store profile via WhatsApp to lead customers to his/her online shop
  • Order fulfillment: Merchants exercise total control over the acceptance or rejection of orders. The App also displays whether the order is placed for home delivery or a self-pickup
  • Transactions Report: Merchants can view a report of their transactions and orders daily. A dedicated feature listing out all the store transactions is built to keep the merchant informed about store payments

The Oyeti Smart Store App has an easy-to-use interface that helps the merchants navigate between features easily and makes online store operations significantly faster and convenient. 

As markets across the world are looking at digital platforms to resuscitate growth and revive profits, the tools they adopt must be catalyzing, helpful, multi-purpose, and most importantly – reliable.