What does it mean to shop smartly?

A better world cannot be ushered in through the use of old techniques and tools, and certainly not by thinking inside the box. The change is only possible through a disruptive entity so powerful that it shakes the existing mediocrity out of existence. 

To this end; ToneTag has engineered and pioneered a technology that is original, disruptive, and most importantly — Fresh. A technology that does exactly what good technology is supposed to do — Make life easier. This technology is built into the Oyeti App that comes packed with a wonderful and exciting set of features that make overall shopping, ordering food, and online transactions easier, convenient, and safer than ever before. 

Oyeti empowers you to buy groceries online from local stores by simply speaking into your device. You can choose the Home delivery or self-pickup option, and make contactless payments using the App. Similarly, you can shop for clothes, make-up, shoes, accessories, vegetables, and order food online from your favorite restaurant by simply speaking into your device. This feature is called Voice-Based Ordering. Here Oyeti recognizes the user’s voice and the instructions are spoken out. Subsequently, the software interprets and confirms the order with the selected store, and voila! Your purchase is complete. 

It is noteworthy that Oyeti is not only capable of carrying transactions but also equipped to perform contextual interactions with users.

Oyeti also allows the user to make a secure contactless payment with the help of sound waves from a safe distance, making offline payments completely contactless. Whether you are buying in-store or online, Oyeti makes contactless payments easier and safer than ever before.

This shopping experience or transactional experience is called Voice Commerce. An ecosystem where transactions are carried using sound technology that is safe, contactless, and Digital. 

Additionally, Oyeti is also capable of carrying out multiple functions encompassing all your shopping and food ordering needs. Oyeti is built to take your shopping experience to a new level through unique features such as order ahead of time.

Oyeti’s Order Ahead feature allows you to place an order at your favorite restaurant ahead of reaching there. The order is received and prepared by the said restaurant while you are in transit. Upon arrival; you will find your order packed and ready to go, thereby ending waiting time in long counter queues completely. A customer can simply walk into the restaurant, pick up the order and leave.

These numerous and potent services are merely the surface of a vast array of functions and qualities Oyeti possesses. The technology is up and running in thousands of mobile phones already, and has garnered accolades and praises for its simplicity, ingenuity, and technology.